About Us

No matter the size of your wedding, your “big day” is made up of countless little moments. An unexpected pop of color, an elegant curl of ink on paper. That cheeky detail with a special meaning just for the two of you. The scent of your favorite flowers as you inhale deeply, eyes closed, and take the first step toward forever.

Pixel Poppy makes those moments possible. We hand-craft the elements of your dream wedding and tell the story of your life together through every artfully chosen detail. Whether you’re searching for perfect flowers to complete your vision or a fully curated design package, we are delighted to work with you to create the celebration of a lifetime.

When Poppy met Pixel

Paulina has always expressed herself through creativity, exploring painting and photography before finally finding her muse in floral design. She plays with texture, color, and non-traditional botanical elements, resulting in compositions that capture the beauty of a flourishing garden.

Pawel’s expertise lies in graphic design. He precisely balances form and space, creating digital and paper goods that blend modern aesthetics with classic sensibilities.

Paulina and Pawel have always supported each other’s careers throughout their marriage, but when a friend asked them to help with her wedding, they discovered just how well their skills complemented each other, too. Pixel Poppy grew from that experience, quickly becoming an in-demand boutique business. Paulina and Pawel have helped many more couples in New York City and beyond since that first wedding, but they still treat every event with the same care and attention as if they were helping dear friends.